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I’m Putting On My Oxygen Mask This Year

by Jeannette, Autism Mumma

I don’t know if you are already aware of the “Oxygen Mask Project” and the hashtag #yearoftheoxygenmask?

If not, let me elaborate a bit. It’s a project being run to encourage us all to take a little bit of time out for ourselves, or doing something for ourselves.

Parenting a special needs child is exhausting, I can sometimes spend a whole day running from one thing to other, never actually achieving a great deal but getting through it because the school runs have to be done, the routines need to be kept to and once your children are in bed, that’s when you start thinking about what else needs to be done, and so it goes on.

I’ve had flu this week and I spent the weekend on the sofa, either snuggled up under covers or throwing them off because I was hot or cold and then because Hubbie had to be at work Sunday and football coaching Saturday, it was still me doing the chores, the cooking and everything else albeit at a much slower pace.

It makes you think about just how much of your day is taken up caring for others.

I’ve put on my “oxygen mask” this week and I’m thinking of ways I can take more time for me, or at least enhance the free time that I currently have.

I made time to have a haircut today – nothing radical – but it was “me” time and instead of looking in the mirror and chopping my fringe myself, I let someone else do it.

One of my resolves this year is to stop the childminding from July, this will be a natural end then as one child will leave to start Reception in September – his mother is a school teacher so she has the summer holidays off. I need to think about either something I can do from home during school hours or find a suitable job. Suggestions for the home element would be welcomed please.

I need to make more time for reading – books, blog posts, those weekly magazines that end up at the side of the bed. You can immerse yourself into a well written book and whether you come out of it feeling happy or sad at the end, it’s that time that you’ve taken for you. Reading is so relaxing, I’m so glad my children all enjoy it.

I need to take up those coffee offers when they come in, otherwise they’ll stop.
But at the same time…
I removed a negative element from my life yesterday. The comments, the voicemails dictating what I should not blog about finally got to me. No more.

Little things but they are going to enhance my life and keep me on track.


I’m a proud mum of three – two sons aged 17 & 9 (C & T) and a daughter aged 7 (D). She has autism, delayed motor skills and enhanced sensory skills. This can make for a “challenging” time but we wouldn’t be without her.

And I’m a wife to one – Hubbie – works very hard to support us and very protective of his family. Supporter of Chelsea FC and a football coach at Saints Hawks (who our middle son plays for).

Two cat sisters – itsey & Bitsey – and 3 guinea pigs – George, Bungle & Zippy. Also childmind during the week.

I’m a learner driver too.

Life is busy but I prefer it that way, less time to stop and think!

This post was originally published HERE and used with permission.


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