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Mother, Wife or Slave?

by Fiona, Puddles, Swings and Whatever Life Brings

It’s not that I’m complaining,

But I want my feelings known,

I feel like I’m a servant,

In this place I call my home.


The floors just will not clean themselves,

And neither will the dishes,

And no matter how much I rant and rave,

No-one grants my wishes!


I gazed into the laundry room,

And saw the mound of clothes,

All thrown in messy little piles,

I didn’t want to know.


So I walked into the hallway where,

My children’s rooms all meet,

And stepped on lots of hot wheels cars,

All strewn around my feet.


I picked one up and threw it at,

The closest bedroom wall,

And held my breath so I’d not swear,

I wasn’t happy at all!


I stepped into the bathroom next,

And saw the grimy bath,

Then noticed all the toothpaste smears

I couldn’t help but laugh.


My brain was close to meltdown cos,

I didn’t know where to begin,

There was so much that I needed to do,

And then I saw the bin!


It’s though I am the only one,

Who notices when it overflows,

Cos all of them just put more in,

And higher and higher it grows!


Next the carpets met my gaze,

They also needed cleaning,

I looked at them and rubbed my eyes,

And hoped that I was dreaming.


I decided then to make a list,

Of where on earth to start,

But I needed something to motivate me,

Because I was off the chart!


I tried my best to prioritise,

And work out things in order,

But it didn’t work and messed my head,

And caused me more disorder.


So I went and turned the kettle on,

And took a headache pill,

And vowed to do it later cos,

It’s time for Dr Phil :)



Fiona lives in a large city in Australia with her husband ‘Mr Patient’ and her 3 lovely children: daughter ‘Ella’ is 12 and their boys are: ‘Harley’ who is 8 and ‘Lucas’ who is 5. Both of the boys are diagnosed with Asperger’s. She writes two blogs, one named “Wonderfully Wired” about her family, and a new non-autism blog named “Puddles, Swings and Whatever Life Brings“, where she is rediscovering her inner child.

This post was originally published HERE and was used with her permission.


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